The Story of the Downside Risk

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In 1986 Del Cochran and Randy Frederick formed a partnership creating the “original” Downside Risk in downtown Scottsdale.

Del partnered with Lee Mikles and Tom McKee for his half of the business and Randy partnered with Dave Froehlich for the other half.  Together they built the Downside Risk which opened June 14, 1986 at Camelback and 74th Street.

The Downside Risk, for 15 years provided excellent service, great food and a friendly “Cheers” type of atmosphere.  The combination of great community support, the changing economic climate and the chemistry of the original crew, is still talked about today.

Randy and Dave over the years bought out Del, Lee and Tom and the Downside Risk was well known as the place to be, and thousands of business and personal relationships began at the original location.

The success of the original Downside Risk spawned yet another venture when Randy and Dave formed a partnership with real estate developer Kent Heyl.  In the late 1990’s, Scottsdale was growing at a rapid pace and the new vision was to own a piece of land and their own building.  

The Downside Risk “North” opened January 13, 1999, at Northsight Blvd. and Butherus Rd. in the Scottsdale Air Park.  The north location was open for 6 years and eventually sold in 2005 signaling the end of an era.

On June 14, 2012, Mike Kettell, a Scottsdale real estate developer formed a group of investors to bring back the Downside Risk with Randy at the helm.  The Downside Risk was coming back after a long hiatus to a new location at Doubletree Road and Scottsdale Road.

The new location was designed not only to echo the feeling of the original Downside Risk with the trademark mahogany bar, brick walls and rich oak floors, but to also provide patrons with new features including a comfortable patio, private room, and designated driving service.

The scenic patio, with seating for more than 80 people, was designed to enjoy the Arizona weather year round with comfortable chairs, fireplace and state of the art misting system.  

The Downside Risk’s private dining area, with its own private patio and fireplace comfortably seats 60-70 people and is available for all occasions.

The Downside Risk strives to be the place for locals to enjoy themselves responsibly and provides patrons with a designated driving service provided through Chasers Designated Drivers that gets YOU & YOUR CAR get home safely.

After 26 years a lot has changed, but you can still find Randy at the Downside Risk with his signature ball cap, Hawaiian shirt, relentless work ethic and everlasting desire to make people happy and feel right at home.

Randy instills the same spirit to his outgoing and competent staff, whose mission is to revive that much needed local feeling in Scottsdale once again, by providing all patrons (old and new) with a quality menu served with a friendly smile, and a side of great service.

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